May 22, 2021

Scientists Just Made A Quantum Computing Breakthrough!!

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Keep watching to look at three of the most fantastic quantum breakthroughs that bring liberation and freedom to the world of science today! Subscribe to Futurity for more videos.

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As we advance as a species, there are a lot of things that once seemed impossible a century ago that are now a reality. It’s called evolving. For example, there was a time when most people believed the earth was flat. Then Eratosthenes came onto the scene and proved that the world is round.

At the time, it was groundbreaking. But today, quantum mechanics rules the roost. This school of physics deals with the physical realm on the scale of atoms and electrons; thus making many of the equations in classical mechanics useless. With that being said, let’s take a look at three of the most amazing quantum breakthroughs that are bringing liberation and freedom to the world of science today!

We kick things off with a team of Chinese scientists claiming to have constructed a quantum computer that has the ability to perform certain computations almost 100 trillion times faster than the world’s most advanced supercomputer.

The breakthrough sheds light on quantum computational advantage—which is also famously known as quantum supremacy. But it’s become a hotly-contested tech race between Chinese researchers and some of the largest US tech corporations such as Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
For example, Google announced in 2019 that it had constructed the first quantum computer that was able to perform a computation in under 200 seconds.

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