Jun 12, 2021

Waddles the Disabled Duck Walks for the First Time on His 3D-Printed Prosthetic Leg

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, cyborgs, transhumanism

“I didn’t think I would be emotional about this.”

It’s not just humans that use prosthetic limbs—wounded or disabled animals can benefit from them, too. In the past, we’ve reported on cats, dogs, and even an elephant who have been fitted for prosthesis. The latest creature who’s now learning to walk on an artificial foot is an adorable duck named Waddles.

Waddles was born with a deformed leg, but his adoptive owner Ben Weinman wanted to help him live a better life. He contacted Derrick Campana, a Certified Pet Prostheticist at Bionic Pets who made a 3D-printed prosthetic leg and foot.

A clip from the NatGeo Wild series, The Wizard of Paws, was recently shared online, revealing the heartwarming moment when Waddles was fitted with his new leg. At first, he’s not quite sure what to make of it, but after a little encouragement from Weinman and Campana, he starts happily toddling along on both feet.

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