Jul 5, 2021

Google confession: Google Assistant records audio 24×7 even when you are not using it or don’t want it

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Voice assistants are a very controversial technological implementation, as some believe they are too intrusive with users’ privacy and do not provide significantly useful features compared to using a conventional computer or smartphone. Its use becomes increasingly questionable considering the constant reports of information collection. The most recent of these reports points out that Google Assistant technology can listen to users’ conversations even without being invoked.

The company had already admitted that it records some of the users’ conversations, though its reports claimed this was impossible if the user didn’t say “OK Google” aloud. However, this new report ensures that it is not necessary for the user to activate the assistant with the renowned voice command.

According to Android Authority researchers, a Google representative admitted that its virtual assistant records audio even when this tool is not used, even recognizing that employees have access to this information. However, Google clarified that this has not been done inadvertently, ensuring that its staff is not listening to users’ conversations. In addition, it was established that Google staff only have access to limited parts of the audio.

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