Jul 4, 2021

Scientists Have Found A Particle That Could Open Portal Into Fifth Dimension

Posted by in categories: cosmology, particle physics

The scientists studied fermion masses which they are of the belief that can be communicated into the fifth dimension through portals, forming dark matter relics and ‘fermionic dark matter’ within the novel fifth dimension.

Researchers said in a statement to Vice, “We found that the new scalar field had an interesting, non-trivial behaviour along the extra dimension. If this heavy particle exists, it would necessarily connect the visible matter that we know and that we have studied in detail with the constituents of dark matter, assuming the dark matter is composed out of fundamental fermions, which live in the extra dimension.”

They refer to the particle as a potential messenger to the dark sector. But hypothesising is not as hard as actually looking for the particle. If you didn’t know, the Higgs Boson Particle which was discovered in 2012 and also rewarded the discoverer with a Nobel Prize, was first proposed sometime in 1964. It was only discovered after the construction of the Large Hadron Collider — world’s most powerful particle accelerator.

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