Jul 10, 2021

Vote for the President and Board of Directors Space Renaissance

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The 2021 Space Renaissance Congress Acta is now online, and the voting session for the new President and Board of Directors is now open.

Dear SRI friends and supporters.

Two key milestones of our 3rd World Congress are now accomplished.

**1) The complete acta of the presented papers and speeches** is now online, for all of us to be viewed and reviewed. https://2021.spacerenaissance.space/index.php/2021-space-ren…ress-acta/

On this page you can find: * The presented papers, for download * The pointer to each live presentation, in the recorded videos on YouTube (hyperlink-pointer to the hour: minutes: seconds)

When watching to any video on the YouTube Space Renaissance channel, don’t forget to subscribe to the channel! (the channel is relatively recent, and increasing the number of subscribers is key to our web reputation).

Soon we will also begin the work to assemble the Acta Book, to be published on Amazon, let’s say, within September 2021.

**2) The new President and Board of Directors** are now waiting the completion of the voting process, to begin their work for the next 5 years, towards the SRI 4th World Congress.

As you likely know, Prof. Bernard Foing — for 30 years ESA officer and tireless space activist — is the candidate President of Space Renaissance International.

A large endorsement by our members and supporters is key, for the new leadership, to know they will be supported during the next 5 years.

Leading an organization mainly working on the web is not simple, it is a hard task, and the leaders never know whether they are “speaking in the desert” or the community is alive, reactive and proactive…

Now it’s up to all of us to assure that Bernard and the new Board get a warm and broad consensus, to support them in their task for the next 5 years!

Btw, as you can see in the list of Directors, i am not escaping! (😁), I am one of the vice presidents, and will take care of the Academy, and other key programmes.

The votes by non SRI members, though non binding for the election, are very important since they testify the consensus to our leadership.

Please vote for the President and the new Board of Directors:

**3) Taking the maximum cultural profit from our Congress**. What is the main outcome of our Congress? It is constituted by the concepts that emerged during the presentations and discussions. The things we understood or better clarified thanks to the great collective work we made, since October 2020 to July 2021, through the webinar series and the five days of the Congress. During the next weeks and months we will produce several newsletters and articles, “mining” the conceptual contents. A few non exhaustive examples: * the social inclusivity, as a 4th parameter to assess the level of a civilization (with reference to the Kardashev-Zubrin-Sagan scale) * the solution of the energy issue, by moving the industries outside the planet, in the cislunar space * the key and indispensable role of the new space industry to save and lead the global economy growth, overcoming the multiple crisis * a gas strategy to kick-off the civilian space development before 2030.

Just to name 4 of the many key concepts we discussed in this congress.

Keep on following and supporting the Space Renaissance!

Also consider joining the SRI Crew…


Ad Astra!

Adriano V. Autino — former SRI President.

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