Aug 21, 2021

2D ‘Supersolid’ That Flows Without Friction Has Been Made For The First Time

Posted by in categories: materials, particle physics

In a significant achievement, physicists have produced a two-dimensional supersolid in the lab for the first time.

That may sound incredibly mind-bendy, but it’s a feat researchers have been working towards for more than 50 years. Supersolids are strange materials with atoms arranged in the ordered structure of a solid, yet they can flow without friction, just like a superfluid.

Two years ago, physicists successfully created supersolids using ultra-cold magnetic atoms… but only in one-dimension. Now, a team of Austrian researchers has managed to create the crystal-like structure in 2D for the first time; the result will allow physicists to test and experiment with some of the weirdest materials-science phenomena out there.

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