Aug 4, 2021

After Black Fungus, now ‘Bone Death’ Scare Emerges: New Post Covid Complication Explained

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It looks like the superbug still has a lot other “surprises” for us. There was the black fungus, now we have bone death(osteonecrosis). And this can reveal itself 1 to 2 months after recovery. A painful goodbye present, perhaps?

After Mucormycosis, a new disease that causes the death of bone tissues is posing new threats for Covid-19 survivors. Three confirmed cases of ‘Bone Death’ have already been reported in Mumbai’s Hinduja Hospital. The 3 patients, under the age of 40, developed the disease 2 months after they were treated for Covid-19.

What is bone death? What are the symptoms of ‘bone death’? How is COVID-19 triggering ‘death of bone tissues’? Doctor explains.

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