Aug 13, 2021

Universal Habitat The Best Home for Anyplace on Earth or in Space

Posted by in categories: climatology, habitats, space, sustainability

Imagine a home that pay you to live in it because you can make a living out of it and grow almost all of your food in it as even sell food from it. Imagine a home that provides its own water and energy. Imagine a home concept that will work almost anywhere on Earth or in space that is cheap to build! Imagine living a high standard of living with virtually no environmental or carbon footprint whilst you retain freedoms. Imagine much less need for utilities. Imagine a home that is resilient, sustainable, can stand up better to environmental or manmade disasters. You own personal bug-in fortress. Imagine a home so green it will start an ice age! See the Greenest concept ever! Image a home you could put almost anywhere! This IS a world changing concept. Make it go viral!

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