Sep 25, 2021

Breathtaking ‘Einstein Ring’ Reveals Views of a Galaxy 9.4 Billion Light-Years Away

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One of the most spectacular Einstein rings ever seen in space is enabling us to see what’s happening in a galaxy almost at the dawn of time.

The smears of light called the Molten Ring, stretched out and warped by gravitational fields, are magnifications and duplications of a galaxy whose light has traveled a whopping 9.4 billion light-years. This magnification has given us a rare insight into the stellar ‘baby boom’ when the Universe was still in its infancy.

The early evolution of the Universe is a difficult time to understand. It blinked into existence as we understand it roughly 13.8 billion years ago, with the first light emerging (we think) around 1 billion years later. Light traveling for that amount of time is faint, the sources of it small, and dust obscures much of it.

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