Sep 19, 2021

Life on Alien Planets Could Be More Diverse Than on Earth

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The only place in the Universe where we know life exists is on Earth. However, with billions of other star systems in the universe, it may not be the best place for life. In a new study, astronomers modeled the potential for life on other watery planets and discovered some conditions that can create oceans that are optimal for habitability.

The model suggests that watery planets with dense atmospheres, continents, and long days — planets that rotate slowly — were the most suitable for life. These conditions increase ocean circulation, which brings nutrients from the depths to the surface, where they can be used by organisms.

“[The research] shows us that conditions on some exoplanets with favorable ocean circulation patterns could be better suited to support life that is more abundant or more active than life on Earth,” Stephanie Olson, a University of Chicago researcher who lead the new study, said in a press release.

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