Sep 2, 2021

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The game is the ORIGINAL Kabbalah imo. Here is Hymn to the 10 Bau of Amen from “The Slates of Zizyphus“
Awake being rested, May you awake in peace!
May Amen awake in life and peace.
May (name) awake in peace!

[FIRST bA] “bA in his ever-lasting flame“
Horus who is in the Nomes {districts}
Who illumines the Two Lands.
Bull who ejaculates Nun.
Who lives eternally.
In his name of Rah, Every day.

[SECOND bA] “bA in his Left Eye“
The one living of births in his left eye.
Whom everybody loves.
In his effective form of Moon.
God of hearts and minds.

[THIRD bA] “bA of Shu“
It is in allowing throats to breathe, That he spits out wind.
In his name of Amen-who-endures-in all-things.
The Ba of Shu for every God.

[FOURTH bA] “bA of Osiris“
Body of life who creates the “wood-of-life“
Neprii who floods the Two Lands.
Nobody in the circuit of the Two Lands lives without his knowledge.
In his name of Nun the Elder.

[FIFTH bA] “bA of Tefnut“
The b3-ram who is in his Mhn-serpent.
Who illumines by means of his brilliant eyes.
Whose torch-flame encircles him in the earth.
In his name of Res Wedja {Osiris}
God who creates the morning-light.

[SIXTH bA] “bA of the Living Royal Ka“
Horus of the Five Bau.
Living one who lives in Nun.
In his name of Living Royal Ka.
God of the Sunfolk.

[SEVENTH bA] “bA of rw-tsy {Sphinx}“
Lion, Living of face before the Great Temple of Anu.
Who spits out every lion.
In his name of bA of bAu.
God of animals.

[EIGHTH bA] “Human figure, unlabelled“
Horus of the Horus Gods.
Dappled of plumage.
Who lives as falcon gods.
In his name of Horakhty.
God of the recumbent ones.

[NINTH bA] “Living bA, he shines when he comes forth from the nt-waters” {crocodiles}
He who enters into the earth, The srq-lake in his innards.
In his name of Ba of those-in-the-water.
God of fish.

[TENTH bA] “Living bA […] the Gods“
{bA of the chthonic creatures}
He who lives as a scarab-beetle.
Who flies to that which the HeH-Gods support.
Who lives in his name of Nehebkau.
God of those in their tombs.


Dedicated to Darius I, the Invocation Hymn to Amen-Ra in his ten-foldness incorporates all of the cosmos, from the very highest (the Sun) down to the smallest and final 10th bA, (the chthonic underground realm of worms and sub-terrestrial microbes).

My book (Khemetic Chess/ Hypermodern Magick
Mandrake Press) claims that elements from New Kingdom ritual Zenet, plus the Invocation Hymn to the 10 bau of Amen-Ra, constitutes the origins of what came to be ‘Kabbalah’. Darius I is dedicated in Hibis temple and helped to build the Second Jerusalem Temple. He facilitated transmission of this 10 bau/ emanations of deity concept from Hibis and Khem into mystical Judaism. More in Zenet 1 also, and FB senet group.

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