Oct 8, 2021

SpaceX Is Doubling Its Number of Astronaut-Carrying Spacecraft

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SpaceX is doubling the size of its fleet of astronaut-carrying spacecraft — as well as doubling the number of cargo-carrying ones — according to officials who spoke during a briefing ahead of the space company’s next crewed mission later this month.

It’s a significant expansion that will widen SpaceX’s already sizeable head start over the competition.

The mission, dubbed Crew-3, is set to launch on October 30. The astronauts on board will be flying to the International Space Station on board a brand new capsule, the third in the company’s lineup, according to SpaceX Director of Dragon Mission Management Sarah Walker, who spoke at Wednesday’s briefing. It will join the capsules Endeavor and Resilience, each of which have successfully carried astronauts into space on two occasions.

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