Oct 1, 2021

This New EV Claims To Have The Longest Range For Any Electric Car Ever

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The automobile industry has recently been inclining towards electrical vehicles and governments are doing everything to support this transition. Tesla has been a pioneer and an example in this field. It has launched smart vehicles and maintained the standard. However, no, the company has a rival, and it might be a threat to Tesla’s models.

Lucid Motors is another automobile company making electric vehicles. It just earned a rating of 520 miles (837 km) from the Environmental Protection Agency for the firm’s model of Air Dream Edition. This makes the Lucid Air the longest-range EV the EPA has ever rated, according to a recent press release.

However, EPA has very specific and low context settings for trials. Hence, the speed and other specifications will perform differently in real road scenarios. This model is the longest-range production EV so far. The company’s CTO and CEO Peter Rawlinson has scored a win as the Air Dream Edition exceeds Tesla’s longest-range vehicle, the Model S Long Range Plus, by a staggering 100 miles (161 km).

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