Oct 23, 2021

This New Flexible Alloy Can Heal Itself And Prevent Steel Corrosion

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Scientists at Rice University have created a material that will protect steel from corrosion. In fact, it will also be flexible and heal itself when damaged.

This material will be used as a coating and is made from a lightweight sulfur-selenium alloy. It will be able to block moisture and chlorine-like zinc-and chromium-based coatings, protect steel under seawater-like conditions like polymer-based coatings, keep it from microbe-induced corrosion.

The experiments carried out before the results comprised putting small slabs of common mild steel coated with sulfur-selenium alloy in seawater for a month, along with an uncoated slab of steel as a control. The coated steel did not oxidize.


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  1. David Hutchinson says:

    someone should bond this to HASTELLOY® N alloy , how does it hold up to high temp like inside a reactor, how will it hold up to molten fluoride salts, ?

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