Oct 25, 2021

When A Ghost Seemingly Has Taken Your AI Self-Driving Car

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Hey, dude, where’s my car?

That was the question on my mind when I walked out to the parking lot to get into my car and it was not there. Given that Halloween was just a few days away, I naturally suspected that perhaps a ghost had decided to take my car for a spin. Seems like those ghosts don’t get much of a chance to spirit away an everyday car.

I put aside the ghost theory and sought to find something more down-to-earth as an explanation for where my car was.

This particular parking lot was quite expansive and there wasn’t any numbering system associated with the parking spots. Thus, I had to remember where my car was supposed to be as based entirely on my own mental “global positioning” brain ware, and absent of having any tangible and more reliable form of tracing.

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