Nov 17, 2021

BREAKING ISS astronauts forced to board Crew Dragon and Soyuz to prepare for a possible evacuation

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The United States said Monday it was investigating a “debris-generating event in outer space” after astronauts on the International Space Station were forced to prepare for a possible evacuation. It came amid unconfirmed reports that Russia had carried out an anti-satellite weapon (ASAT) test…

“US Space Command is aware of a debris-generating event in outer space. We are actively working to characterize the debris field and will continue to ensure all space-faring nations have the information necessary to maneuver satellites if impacted,” the agency said.

“We are also in the process of working with… the State Department and NASA, concerning these reports and will provide an update in the near future.”

NASA has not yet commented, but its Russian counterpart Roscomos, downplayed the incident.

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