Nov 27, 2021

China’s New Space Nuclear Reactor Might Be 100 Times More Powerful Than NASA’s

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And the prototype design is already completed.

China’s space program has completed a prototype design for a powerful nuclear reactor, a report from the South China Morning Post reveals.

The country’s space program is building the device to keep up with other space agencies that have also drawn plans to go nuclear, such as NASA, which recently made a call for private firms to develop a nuclear fission system to power missions on the Moon within 10 years.

China and the U.S. enter a new space race China’s space program, which has already built some of the components for its full reactor, wants to power future missions to the Moon and Mars with nuclear energy. China’s reactor will be able to generate one megawatt of electric power, making it 100 times more powerful than the device NASA wants to send to the Moon by 2030. NASA’s nuclear fission system will be capable of providing roughly 40 kilowatts of power, which the U.S. space agency says would be enough to power 30 households for a decade.

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