Nov 4, 2021

Marine Corps will use AI to revamp recruiting and retention models

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His views on the talent management system are roughly similar: there will be some new costs intended to be covered by savings elsewhere, though he admits he’s not sure yet whether the service will see a net savings or if the additional costs may mean it fields a smaller force.

“We haven’t figured it all out yet,” Berger said. “Our premise is we can’t afford not to do this. Whether it comes out plus in the black or the red, we don’t know yet.”

The Marine Corps would spend more money on higher salaries for higher-ranked Marines. It would spend more money on bonuses and benefits to entice qualified Marines to stick around. It would have to pay for digitized personnel systems and the AI tools and decision aids. However, it would spend less on personnel who process new recruit applications, if it were bringing in fewer Marines and screening fewer candidates.

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