Nov 5, 2021

Peter Thiel: Successful Businesses are Based on Secrets

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This follows on from an earlier talk I posted by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) on creativity in business. Mr. Cleese has many great talks on that as he did a tour for his book on creativity. Here Peter Thiel deals with a variety of topics like innovation, trends in business, the stagnation of most technology sectors (no, tech doesn’t just mean computers and consumer gadgets… that a narrow industry is now referred to as the “tech sector” should worry people), many topics… See more.

Speaking with Wired magazine editor David Rowan in London at an event on 25 September, Thiel said that “uniqueness”, “secrets”, and a monopoly on the marketplace were the key to successful startups.

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Peter Thiel: Successful businesses are based on secrets | WIRED

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