Nov 4, 2021

The Ardent Belief That We Need A Line In The Sand Deadline For Attaining AI Self-Driving Cars Else We’ll Never Get There

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You either love them, hate them, or experience both sentiments at the same time.

For AI-based true self-driving cars, there isn’t a human driver involved. Keep in mind that true self-driving cars are driven via an AI driving system. There isn’t a need for a human driver at the wheel, and nor is there normally a provision for a human to drive the vehicle. For my extensive and ongoing coverage of Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) and especially self-driving cars, see the l… See more.

A deadline can be handy as a focal point that aids in rallying together everyone towards achieving something great. On the other hand, a deadline can turn each person against the other and fester a bitter fight that leaves all involved forever scarred and upset due to a seemingly arbitrary and reprehensible line in the sand.

Deadlines do decidedly set expectations, though at times the expectations are out of whack with reality.

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