Dec 1, 2021

Can The Sun Power The Earth? Will Solar Energy Cope Or Will The Lights Go Out?

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So can solar energy cut it?

Can we really move to a society not harnessed to the unsustainable practices of the old way.

I look at exactly how much land might be required & whether the lights will be able to stay on in the future as they have in the past.

I’m sure most know the answer, but this gives real facts and figures that can be used to defend against the fossil fuel apologists, and shared with friends, family and colleagues who are still learning.

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Can the sun power the earth.

We need energy, and more than that we love energy.
And why not, it does work for us, and the more work is done for us, the less work we need to do to maintain a certain lifestyle. A level of luxury as it were and why should life not be nice! Surely the whole reason for existence is to experience and so therefore the more you can have conscious control of what fills your time the better.

What is it going to cost and will it do the job as well as the old way?
We all know the sun does not always shine and the wind does not always blow.

So can solar cut it?

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Primary sources for data within this video can be found in the Rethinking Humanity book released by RethinkX.

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