Dec 12, 2021

Humanoid robots are waking up — and they look eerily real

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

Engineered Arts, a robotics firm located in the United Kingdom, released a video showing a humanoid robot that looks exceptionally lifelike — and suddenly the science fiction movie I, Robot is trending.

The company named their robot Ameca, but Ameca’s hyper-realistic expressions and motions look eerily like Sonny, the fictional android (played by actor Alan Tudyk) who co-starred with Will Smith in the film. It may be a coincidence, or it’s one more example of science fiction inspiring real life tech.

In the Engineered Arts video, the grey-faced humanoid robot wakes up, makes a surprised expression, and then examines its own hands as if it also can’t believe how real it looks. The company calls Ameca “the world’s most sophisticated human-shaped robot” — which may be self-promoting, but perhaps not underserved, based on that video.

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