Dec 11, 2021

Revolutionary New AI can be Run Anywhere

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

The biggest hurdle of developing an Artificial Intelligence which could match the human brain in both efficiency and capabilities is the enormous energy consumption of today’s computer chips. But recent advancements in neural-optimized chips and the emergence of the first neuromorphic computing chips, start painting a clearer picture on how we may soon develop an Artificial Intelligence which matches and even beats us in most areas.

Timing is crucial when it comes to brain computing. It’s the way neurons connect to form circuits. It’s how these circuits analyze extremely complicated data, resulting to life-or-death decisions. It’s the ability of our brains to make split-second judgments, even when confronted with completely novel situations. We accomplish this without frying the brain as a result of excessive energy usage.

To summarize, the brain is a wonderful example of a very powerful computer to imitate, and computer scientists and engineers have already taken the initial steps in this direction.

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