Dec 12, 2021

This Is How Elon Musk Will Take Control Of Your Brain

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, Elon Musk, health, robotics/AI

What if Elon Musk told you that you could store your memories as a backup and then download them into a robot body. Sounds like science fiction to you, Well believe it or not it’s true and he has already launched a company called Neuralink to pursue this futuristic goal.

But how does it work and how exactly is elon musk going to pull this one-off. Well, we’ll answer these questions and take a deeper look into Neuralink and how it could change humanity forever.

The Neuralink is a small brain implant that will generate and manipulate neurons in your brain to cure health problems like addiction, blindness, depression, and other various brain-related problems.

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