Dec 15, 2021

This Processor computes with light, not electrons

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In this video I discuss the most exciting applications of Silicon Photonics: from Photonic transistors to Photonic AI Processors which are already capable of running neural networks! #PhotonicChips #SiliconPhotonics #PhotonicProcessors.

00:00 — Silicon Photonics.
03:00 — Photonic Transistor.
04:37 — Photonic AI chip.
12:18 — New Intel Photonic pattents & New Silicon Photonic Lab.
13:47 — Future of AI accelerators.

➞ 3D Wave in Processor Design: https://youtu.be/5fMWUC2MFrA
➞ These Microchips are the Future of AI: https://youtu.be/BDrrjLB7lgE

➞ Podcast “Practical AI” the episode on Photonic Computing: https://changelog.com/practicalai/156
➞ Cool ISSCC 2021 Tutorial on Silicon Photonics: https://d3smihljt9218e.cloudfront.net/lecture/15042/slidesho…f08f08.pdf.
➞ Hotchips 2020 SIlicon Photonics for AI Acceleration by LightMatter: https://hc32.hotchips.org/assets/program/conference/day2/Hot…matter.pdf.

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