Jan 4, 2022

How Did The Big Bang Arise Out of Nothing?

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I found this super interesting. I never considered the idea that I may have lived this exact life an infinite amount of times already. I find stuff like this to be brain candy, and this article is particularly well-written in my opinion. Did The Big Bang Arise Out of Nothing?

“The last star will slowly cool and fade away. With its passing, the Universe will become once more a void, without light or life or meaning.”

So warned the physicist Brian Cox in the recent BBC series Universe. The fading of that last star will only be the beginning of an infinitely long, dark epoch. All matter will eventually be consumed by monstrous black holes, which in their turn will evaporate away into the dimmest glimmers of light.

Space will expand ever outwards until even that dim light becomes too spread out to interact. Activity will cease.

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