Feb 3, 2022

Bristol scientists develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings

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Are we to see an evolution of drone designs now?

Researchers at the University of Bristol in the U.K. have designed a flying robot that flaps its wings and can generate more power than a similar-sized insect, which it was inspired from. The robot could pave way for smaller, lighter, and more effective drones, the researchers claimed in an institutional press release.

When it comes to flying robots, researchers have relied largely on propeller-based designs. Even though it is well known that bio-inspired flapping wings are a much more efficient method of flying, replicating them in a flying object has been challenging. As the researchers stated in the press release, the use of motors, gears, and complex transmission systems to achieve the flapping movement adds to the complexity as well as the weight of the entire system, which has many undesired effects. drones are great but not very efficient. Researchers in Bristol may have cracked what it takes to make flapping-wing flying robots.

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