Feb 14, 2022

Human spaceflight just got a boost with new Polaris Program

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To the moon, Mars, and beyond.

Human spaceflight just got a major boost.

Polaris announced on February 14, 2022, that its first-of-its-kind Polaris Program is set to focus exclusively on rapidly advancing human spaceflight capabilities all while “continuing to raise funds and awareness for important causes on Earth,” per the company’s post on Twitter.

From Blue Origin’s space tourism rides to last year’s celebration of humans sending the 600th person to space in 60 years, more and more humans are being launched up to space. So it makes sense that a laser-focused program like the Polaris Program would solely focus on pushing along human spaceflight capabilities.

## Three missions with one goal.

Polaris already has three missions planned — a triple combination that perfectly reflects the three-starred constellation the company is named after — which will involve developing and using new technologies, extensive research, and the first SpaceX Starship flight with humans on board.

Fulll Story: https://interestingengineering.com/polaris

Polaris announced its first-of-its-kind spaceflight program called Polaris Program, which aims to rapidly advance human spaceflight capabilities.

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