Feb 9, 2022

Social Security Is The World’s Largest Ponzi Scheme

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When the next generations are fewer and less wealthy than the previous generations(who are living longer), problems can arise.

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In this video we look at the structure of the US Social Security system and how it closely resembles aa Ponzi Scheme. Current retirees are paid from payroll taxes collected from existing workers. In recent years the demographic trends in the US have deteriorated significantly and Social Security expected to become insolvent by 2033.

0:00 — 1:39 Intro.
1:40 — 2:45 Masterworks Sponsorship.
2:46 — 4:20 Beginnings of Social Security.
4:21 — 5:21 Demographic Headwinds.
5:22 — 7:03 Laborforce Participation Rate.
7:04 — 8:37 Social Security Deficit.
8:38 Possible Solutions.


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