Feb 7, 2022

The Ethical Debate About Whether AI Ought To Warn You When The Self-Driving Car That You Are Riding In Is About To Crash

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We’ve all likely had our share of car crashes over the years. Let’s trace the various published research underlying a somewhat simple but altogether crucial question, namely if you know that a crash is about to occur should you go limp or attempt to tighten and brace yourself. Turns out that the answer is complicated and often dependent upon the circumstances at hand. First, there is a popular assumption that you ought to let your body go loose or limp when an impending car crash is about to occur. Some claim that this ragdoll posturing will be advantageous. The purported logic is that we all know that a straight and narrow stick will presumably break and snap entirely when placed under intense pressure. As such, if you tense up, you are risking all manner of personal bodily damage. According to the sage wisdom of Confucius: “The reed which bends in the wind is stronger than the mighty oak which breaks in a storm.”

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Quick, you are inside a self-driving car and it is about to get embroiled in a car crash, what should you do? And what should the AI driving system do? Tough questions, for sure.

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