Feb 10, 2022

The last century revealed our DNA’s secrets and lingering mysteries

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The Human Genome Project received a lot of media attention from scientific journals and the mainstream press.

Left to right: Time July 3, 2000; Science February 16, 2001; Nature February 15, 2001.

Green: Or sloppy transcription, that our enzymes are just going off and making a bunch of RNA because they don’t know how to control themselves. And it’s just garbage. But, no. And I like your point about 20 years ago, we couldn’t imagine. I would propose that 20 years from now, we might look back at this conversation and say, ‘Oh, my goodness, think about all these other ways that the genome functions.’ There’s no reason to think we have our hands around it all in terms of all the biological complexity of DNA; I’m quite sure we don’t.

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