Feb 6, 2022

Who Built Them And Why? | The Top Weirdest Robots

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and today we have selected for you the strangest and most amazing robots. Giant robots, robot transformers, flying humanoids, exoskeletons that give superpowers, robot skiers, a new robot for space and much more. Watch the TOP of the newest, strangest and most unusual robots in the world! Watch the video till the end and write in the comments, which robot surprised you more than others?

0:00 In this video.
0:22 RH5 Manus.
1:17 NINA from Doosan Robotics.
2:24 LEO robot.
3:21 CRAM Robot.
3:55 ATOUN
4:23 Guardian GT
4:56 Flying humanoids.
5:22 Jet-HR2
5:35 NABi.
6:01 ALFRED The Four Legged Robot.
6:20 Aquanaut.
7:06 ANYmal robot.
7:50 Max robot.
8:30 The Mountain Skiing Robot.
9:03 A doughnut drone from Cleo Robotics.
9:19 A folding drone.
10:26 Drone bug.
10:42 SqUID warehouse robot.

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