Mar 5, 2022

Land Rover Is Sending an Owner to Space With Virgin Galactic

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Land Rover is teaming up with Virgin Galactic for the Adventure of a Lifetime sweepstakes, which will see one lucky Land Rover owner literally fly to space at some point in the near future.

Anyone who currently owns a Land Rover can register online by submitting their vehicle’s VIN and some other bits of info, which counts as one entry. Placing an order for a new Land Rover nets 50 entries, while actually buying or leasing a vehicle gets you 100 entries. Anyone who enters also gets credit for referring people to the sweepstakes, and there’s no limit to how many entries you can get.

This isn’t the first time Land Rover has partnered with Richard Branson’s space-tourism venture. Range Rover SUVs have been used to tow the company’s space planes at various events and presentations, and in 2019 a special Range Rover Astronaut Edition was unveiled. That model could only be purchased by those who signed up to be an astronaut with Virgin, and it came with unique styling elements. As the Astronaut Edition was based on the now-old Range Rover, we wouldn’t be surprised if Land Rover releases a new version based on the fifth-gen Range Rover that was revealed last year.

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