Mar 3, 2022

New NASA research brings Warp Speed inches closer to reality: Looks more promising than ever

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In our everyday lives, we may take light for granted, yet for decades, the idea of measuring its attributes and overcoming its obstacles has piqued our interest. First discovered in 1,676 by Danish astronomer Ole Roemer; scientists had previously considered the speed of light was either impossible to measure or unlimited.

Light travels at a speed of 299,792 kilometers per second, which can now be readily found on the internet thanks to the work of other scientists. In 1916, Albert Einstein published his renowned theory of general relativity, in which he said, among other things, that no known object can move faster than the speed of light.

This was a significant moment in history. Attempting to break through that barrier has captivated us ever since, inspiring innumerable creative minds to try their hand at it.

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