Mar 12, 2022

Teleportation Is Real, and It is Going To Change The World!

Posted by in categories: biotech/medical, Elon Musk, space travel

What if you could travel to the country of your choice in just 1 click? If that was possible, your train of thought would be, Let’s go to Switzerland, no Iceland…you know what, let’s go everywhere. Teleportation is a common part of science fiction characters but is it achievable?

The pandemic has been hard on us and forced us to step out only when it is absolutely necessary. But you know what, Teleportation can be the perfect thing for you. And Earth is not the limit, you can put on a suit and some oxygen cylinder and you can just teleport to the moon…Elon Musk, you there?😃

But as far as we know, everyone told us while watching science fiction, this is not possible but you know what they are not entirely correct.

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