Mar 17, 2022

The Rise of Artificial Intelligence | Wondrium Perspectives

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For almost a century, we’ve been intrigued and sometimes terrified by the big questions of artificial intelligence. Will computers ever become truly intelligent? Will the time come when machines can operate without human intervention? What would happen if a machine developed a conscience?

In this episode of Perspectives, six experts in the fields of robotics, sci-fi, and philosophy discuss breakthroughs in the development of AI that are both good, as well as a bit worrisome.

Clips in this video are from the following series on Wondrium:

Mind-Body Philosophy, presented by Patrick Grim.

Introduction to Machine Learning, presented by Michael L. Litman.

Redefining Reality, presented by Steven Gimbel.


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  1. Lance says:

    The image of the beast that speaks? AI? Yep.