Mar 17, 2022

What If Charge is NOT Fundamental?

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If you’ve studied any physics you know that like charges repel and opposite charges attract. But why? It’s as though this thing — electric charge — is as fundamental a property of an object as its mass. It just sort of… is. Well it turns out if you dig deep enough, the fundamental-ness of charge unravels, and in many things, including mass itself, are unraveled with it.

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Hosted by Matt O’Dowd.
Written by Fernando Franco Félix & Matt O’Dowd.
Post Production by Leonardo Scholzer, Yago Ballarini, Pedro Osinski, Adriano Leal & Stephanie Faria.
GFX Visualizations: Ajay Manuel.
Directed by Andrew Kornhaber.
Assistant Producer: Setare Gholipour.
Executive Producers: Eric Brown & Andrew Kornhaber.
Executives in Charge (PBS): Adam Dylewski, Maribel Lopez.
Director of Programming (PBS): Gabrielle Ewing.

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