Apr 21, 2022

OpenAI DALL·E 2: Top 10 Insane Results! 🤖

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Thumbnail background design: Felícia Zsolnai-Fehér — http://felicia.hu.

00:00 Intro.
00:34 GPT-3 — OpenAI’s Text Magic.
01:18 Image-GPT Was Born.
01:55 Dall-E
02:44 Dall-E 2!
03:30 1. Panda mad scientist.
03:55 2. Teddy bear mad scientists.
04:20 3. Teddy skating on Times Square.
05:05 4. Nebula dunking.
05:30 5. Cat Napoleon.
05:57 6. Flamingos everywhere!
06:49 7. Don’t forget the corgis!
07:43 8. It can do interior design!
08:50 9. Dall-E 2 vs Dall-E 3
09:28 10. Not perfect.
09:57 Bonus: Hold on to your papers!
10:18 It draws itself.
10:42 One more thing.
11:07 Another legendary paper.

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