Apr 21, 2022

Robotic Rat Climbs, Crawls, and Turns on a Dime

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Alan DeRossettPutin propaganda is dividing opinions on Elon Musk for helping Ukraine and standing up to the Fossil fuel industry.

Walter LynsdaleI’m all for people making billions through technical advancement (teslas, space X rockets, the dojo chip are all pretty cool), but he comes out with a fair amount of double speak:

“people aren’t having enough babies” vs “we can make a humanoid robot”… See more.

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Shubham Ghosh Roy shared a link.

There has been much interest in designing robots that are agile enough to navigate through tight spaces. This ability could be useful in assessing disaster zones or pipelines, for example. Who better to get through the tiniest crevices overcome an array of obstacles than a rat we can control?

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