Apr 10, 2022

Superior Binding of Proteins on a Silica Surface: Physical Insight into the Synergetic Contribution of Polyhistidine and a Silica-Binding Peptide

Posted by in category: biotech/medical

Controllable protein attachment onto solid interfaces is essential for the functionality of proteins with broad applications. Silica-binding peptides (SBPs) have emerged as an important tool enabling convenient binding of proteins onto a silica surface. Surprisingly, we found that removal of polyhistidines, a common tag for protein purification, dramatically decrease the binding affinity of a SBP-tagged nanobody onto a silica surface. We hypothesized that polyhistidines and SBPs can be combined to enhance affinity. Through a series of purposely designed SBPs, we identified that the relative orientation of amino acids is a key factor affecting the surface binding strength. One re-engineered SBP, SBP4, exhibits a 4000-fold improvement compared to the original sequence.

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