May 30, 2022

A researcher’s avatar was sexually assaulted on a metaverse platform owned by Meta

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Do you think that crimes committed within the Metaverse should be accountable just as the same as crimes accounted for in the “real” world?

A researcher entered the metaverse wanting to study users’ behavior on Meta’s social-networking platform Horizon World. But within an hour after she donned her Oculus virtual-reality headset, she says, her avatar was raped in the virtual space.

Metaverse: another cesspool of toxic content,” a new report published by the nonprofit advocacy group SumOfUs on Tuesday, details the researcher’s violent encounter in Meta’s Horizon World.

According to SumOfUs’ account, users invited the researcher to a private party on Horizon World earlier this month. Users in the same room then asked her to disable a setting that prevented others from getting within 4 feet of her.

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