May 18, 2022

Organic Transistors Explained. Printing CPUs at Home. What is Smart Skin

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Slow processing… but good for display devices, interacting with other systems, bio-sensors/health monitoring, etc.

In this video I explain Organic Flexible CPUs and Organic Transistors. What is the-state-of-the-art of Organic Electronics? If this technology can replace Silicon Chips or not?
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➞ Silicon Quantum Computer from Intel: [https://youtu.be/j9eYQ_ggqJk](https://youtu.be/j9eYQ_ggqJk)
➞ New WoW Processor explained: [https://youtu.be/-NeRIrRSFs4](https://youtu.be/-NeRIrRSFs4)
➞ DOJO AI Accelerator: [https://youtu.be/QurtwJdb5Ew](https://youtu.be/QurtwJdb5Ew)

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