May 7, 2022

The Future is Wild: Speculative Evolution of the Future. Size comparison

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Oyinkro OhimorOEC is the change.

Oyinkro Ohimor.

Jose Ruben Rodriguez Fuentes shared a link.

The Future is Wild is a series aired in 2002 (official website of the original show: https://www.thefutureiswild.com/) that explored how life could evolve in 3 different time scales: 5,100, and 200 million years into the future. presenting very different possible scenarios.
In these 20 years, some of these creatures would have a different look according to the current knowledge, although most changes are still pure speculation.

Instagram: @mariolanzarensis.

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FEATURED TAXA: Spink, Flish, Cryptile, Deser Hopper, Garden Worm, Scrofa, Rattleback, Babookari, Snowstalker, Deathgleaner, Squibbon, Swampus, Tripodocetus, Reefglider, Gannetwhale, Carakiller, Megasquid, Toraton, Sharkopath, Ocean Phantom, Rainbow squid.

Music: Mystery Mammal by Pragia (edited)

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