Jun 23, 2022

8 Anti-Aging Vitamins and Nutrients That Actually Work, Ranked

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Vitamins are sometimes overlooked in the fight against aging compared to the vast variety of creams and serums, but research shows that vitamins are a key part of slowing the aging process.

While topical serums and creams may slow the appearance of aging in areas where they are applied, they cannot fight the aging happening within your body, and some anti-aging ingredients cannot be absorbed through the skin, making topical application pointless. Vitamins, meanwhile, work from the inside out, resulting in both inner and outer health. This does not mean you need to forgo topical solutions — the most powerful anti-aging regimes use both vitamins and topical creams to form a powerful, multi-pronged defense.

Vitamins and supplements help us ensure we are getting the nutrients we need, particularly if we are deficient — and according to experts, many adults do not get enough vitamin D[1] or B12,[2] leading to otherwise preventable age-related disorders and poor health.

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