Jun 22, 2022

Amazon Unveils First Fully Autonomous Mobile Robot Called Proteus

Posted by in category: robotics/AI

The autonomous robot will initially be deployed in the outbound GoCart handling areas of Amazon’s fulfillment and sort centers. “Our vision is to automate GoCart handling throughout the network, which will help reduce the need for people to manually move heavy objects through our facility and instead let them focus on more rewarding work,” the company said.

Celebrating 10 years of robotic evolution, Amazon unveiled several more automated systems. Cardinal (Opens in a new window) is an AI-based robot arm that can select one package out of a pile of boxes, lift it, read the label, and place it on the appropriate GoCart (for Proteus to collect). Amazon is currently trialing a Cardinal prototype for handling packages up to 50 pounds and expects to deploy the technology in fulfillment centers next year.

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