Jun 30, 2022

BINARY DREAMS: How A.I. Sees the Universe

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What happens when machines begin to question their origins?

In this short film created with generative art, we explore how artificial intelligence sees the universe, its creators, and its potential futures. I believe the emergence of artistic A.I. has touched off a new era for art that could be as profound as the first cave paintings, 50,000 years ago. If these artistic capabilities are possible after only a few decades of A.I., research, what will the next 50,000 years hold? What will we become?

Crafted by Melodysheep in collaboration with artificial intelligence.

Supported by the good people at Protocol Labs:

Special Thanks:
Cruz Abalos.
Naomi Augustine.
Juan Benet.
Matthew Brown.
Zeus Kontoyannis.
Morrison Waud.

My Patreon supporters: patreon.com/melodysheep.

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