Jun 16, 2022

Dr. Jessica Whited, Ph.D. — Harvard University — Exploring The Biology Of Limb Regeneration

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(https://hscrb.harvard.edu/labs/whited-lab/) is an Assistant Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology at Harvard University where her lab focuses on limb regeneration in axolotl salamanders and where they develop tools to manipulate gene expression during limb regeneration, and explore signaling events following wound healing that initiate the regenerative process.

Dr. Whited earned a B.A. in Philosophy and a B.S. in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri, and obtained her Ph.D. in Biology from MIT, where she studied in Dr. Paul Garrity’s laboratory.

Dr. Whited’s thesis focused on molecular mechanisms controlling the development and maintenance of cellular architectures in the Drosophila nervous system. During this work, Dr. Whited became interested in processes that may be required long after initial developmental events to ensure cells do not revert to immature behaviors, as well as processes that provoke such events in response to injury. She worked in the laboratory of Dr. Cliff Tabin (Harvard Medical School Department of Genetics) as a postdoc studying total limb regeneration in axolotl salamanders. During this time, Whited developed several molecular tools that can be used to interrogate regenerating axolotl limbs, which is one of the core focuses of her lab today.

Dr. Whited is also Co-Founder of Matice Biosciences, a company leveraging regenerative biology for the next generation of skincare and consumer scar products.

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