Jun 15, 2022

Germany’s NEW Warp Drive Engine SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

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Until now, the ability to travel faster than the speed of light has only been seen in Sci-Fi movies. What if we can actually make that a reality!

If we ever hope to visit other parts of our galaxy, we’ll have to travel at speeds we’ve never imagined.

A possible solution to the problem of traveling at the speed of light or even faster is the “warp drive” popularized by Star Trek, the sci-fi franchise still ongoing.

Therefore, if we could find a way to bend or warp spacetime, we would be able to move around the cosmos in the blink of an eye. Although, warp drives have mostly remained the preserve of science fiction.

However, a number of new discoveries by a German physicist about the nature of space and time imply that Einstein’s purportedly unbreakable speed limit may not be so unbreakable after all.

Does that mean it is possible to travel faster than the speed of light by warping spacetime? And in doing so, have we also discovered the key to exploring the universe?

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