Jun 13, 2022

Israeli-Based Tech Startup Brings Your Old Family Photos To Life With Amazing Artificial Intelligence

Posted by in categories: habitats, robotics/AI

There has been a massive tidal wave of tech innovation over the last couple of years. Some apps and platforms offer basic services for the home or office. Others ignite your imagination.

Gil Perry, CEO and cofounder of D-ID, an Israeli-based tech company, has created something amazingly beautiful and touching. Leveraging artificial intelligence and sophisticated technology, the company has created a unique, animated, live portrait, which animates the photos of long-lost relatives or whoever you’d like to see, as if they are in the room with you. Its tech makes people come alive and look realistic and natural.

The feature, Deep Nostalgia, lets users upload a photo of a person or group of people to see individual faces animated by AI. People have been able to breathe life into their old black-and-white photos of grandma and grandpa that have been stored in boxes up in the attic.

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