Jun 7, 2022

Meta Reality Labs Research: Codec Avatars 2.0 Approaching Complete Realism with Custom Chip

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Researchers at Meta Reality Labs are reporting that their work on Codec Avatars 2.0 has reached a level where the avatars are approaching complete realism. The researchers created a prototype Virtual Reality headset that has a custom-built accelerator chip specifically designed to manage the AI processing capable of rendering Meta’s photorealistic Codec Avatars on standalone virtual reality headsets.

The prototype Virtual Reality avatars use very advanced machine learning techniques.

Meta first showcased the work on the sophisticated Codec Avatars far back in March 2019. The avatars are powered using multiple neural networks and are generated via a special capture rig that contains 171 cameras. After the avatars are generated, they are powered in real-time through a prototype virtual reality headset that has five cameras. Two cameras are internal viewing each eye while three are external viewing the lower face. It is though that such advanced and photoreal avatars may one day replace video conferencing.

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